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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Copy a SiteStudio site? Even easier!

SiteStudio 10gR4 (546) is chock full of awesome new features, one of which is a new way to replicate your site. Yes, the previous article I just wrote about replication is already obsolete. Ha!

The new feature is section level replication and it's pretty nifty. It is enabled via the Designer application and it adds a new section property, called "Ready to replicate." If you switch region content anywhere on a webpage, the property automatically changes to false. You can see this on your webpage in the contribution mode banner as a "replicate" or "don't replicate" button. Now I have to confess... I haven't got a system set up to test this new replication functionality but I assume it is all part of the Manage Site Replication page*. Archiver should rebuild the project file on import and ignore the sections where "Ready to replicate" is false. Why did I say Archiver "should" rebuild? I haven't found a shred of documentation to explain any of this stuff, I'm just guessing (it only got a mention in the release notes textfile.)

Some other awesome features in recent SiteStudio releases include:
  • Compare renditions - any renditions, not just the latest! On the Content Information page, in the revision history table, a new column is appended that allows you to compare the current revision to any other revision, future or past.
  • Setting a default page name (instead of manually changing index.htm)
  • Downloading images and documents from a friendly URL (the current directory) not the WebLocation (buried in the /groups/public/documents directories.)
  • Oh and those stubbornly clinging to the Ephox editor, don't forget the "ondemand" editors option that was included a few releases prior. It lets you say how many elements get loaded automatically and how many must be clicked on to load. If your page has more than three or four elements then Ephox (Java) is likely to hang your machine, so this setting is a godsend.
There's more great features too, so do yourself a favour and upgrade.

Section Level Replication works great! I was right, it works via the "Manage Site Replication" page with Archiver. Note that the project file's native file is modified to exclude sections but not the weblayout file. Strange but true.


  1. Is SiteStudio license the part of Oracle UCM or Oracle WebCenter?

  2. Under WebCenter 11G license, i can limited use of UCM. Could it be included the Site Studio as well for web site managment? If sitestudio is not included in WebCenter 11G license then how can manage website using WebCener 11G?

  3. Hi Mike,
    When we replicate a section does it only preserve the site hirechy or does it move also the datafiles with embedded images in it.

  4. The Replicator tool will only move sections, the Archiver tool can be configured to include content with the sections. Personally I'd replicate the content separately anyway.